Well said mister ayisyen

Ayisyen Patriyot - December 15 2006, 11:25 PM

A police that is adequate and capable, and matches the need of the population; NO ARMY;

Then a program to prevent the youth from joining the bad guys.

One more thing: we cannot blame it all on Alexis but these fake politicians have always used violence as a political weapon like real cowards do.
He went to the UN and complained like a baby: " Oh they don't want to give us the money to do the development ourselves, they give the money to international orgs to do it for us"

Of course they will do it if you are not trusted as a representative.

With the information system right now, everything is known.

Type Alexis's name on the internet right now, you'll see how much you get on that sorry greedy old ass hater of haitians.

Alexis and Aristide are the same BS.
I still believe Preval is different.

I may change my belief tomorrow if he does not act.
Patience is so much thin right now.
Preval had better watched his sorrily sick back.


reestablishing the army is not the solution

If Prime minister Alexis really wants to solve the insecurity issue, he should stop negotiating with the criminals...

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