Resort in l'Île de la Tortue

Evens Merine - April 30 2008, 12:47 PM

Mr. President I am a haitian american living in the united states.

I am currently developing a resort peoject in the dominican republic.

My next project I would love to be in my homeland of Haiti.

I once saw a picture of you swiming in a beautiful beach in haiti and would love to make that happen again.

This could be the project that jump starts the haitian tourism industry again.

I understand that you may have more pressing issues right now but we have to figure a way to get this industry back on track.

Best regards

Evens Christopher Merine

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Rosenberg Wilgeens says...

My friend, You are wasting your time. This page is not really monitored by any of President Preval staffs. This page... more »

El Caribeno says...

Ok! you know too much adresses, la prochaine fois qu'il ya un kibnapping a Port-au-prince, je vais faire une... more »

Lionne says...

Haiti n'aura pas une industrie de touriste pourvu qu'il y a le chomage, la faim et un haut cout de la vie. Ceci sont... more »