Haiti the best is yet to come!!!

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I am convinced that Haiti's greatest quest for Montresor's vision as the next President of Haiti is poised for change and growth in all aspects.

Strategies and solutions to deal with the gangs and corruption is one of my top priorities from day one. I already have a system in place that will force gang members and government officials to abandon their corrupt trade secrets with the help of the population in Haiti and abroad.

I also welcome the involvement of all Diasporas around the globe to join hands with me in the reconstruction of their beloved homeland.

Haiti Cherie!

I am committed to uniting our country and exploring all possibilities that will further advance Haiti to become self reliant in gaining momentums in the world economy.

Wealth is a sign that you are wise and successful; in order to be wise you must apply wisdom therefore I place a call on Haiti to get Godly wisdom in order to show yourself prosperous and successful in the world because the bible said," It is God who gives thee power to get wealth"

Montresor 2011, April 11 2008, 12:22 AM

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