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Prayers without the religious manipulators.

We still believe in God.
Dear God,
Be my redeemer, my internal teacher, my divine physician.

Thank You for Your presence in my life. I surrender to You all I am, all I think, all I feel, and all I have. I recognize in this moment that Yours is the power to heal and make whole.You who have the power to work miracles, You who rule time and space, please take me in Your arms and hold me.Dear Lord, please lift me up and heal me.Cast out of my mind all thoughts that are not of You.Cast out of me all harsh and critical nature.Cast out of me all violence and all anger.

Cast out of me all demons from my past.For I would be made new.
I wish to walk so close to You that we might be as one.I ask for new life, new mind, new body, new spirit.Dear God, please come into me and release me from this pain.
Dear God,
My body is sick and I am so scared, so weak, so sad.
Please heal me, Lord. Whatever the words I am supposed to say, whatever the thoughts that would set me free, I am willing to have them shine into my mind.
For I wish to be released.

Please give me a miracle.

Please give me hope.
Please give me peace.Lift me up beyond the regions of my pain and despair.

Prepare each cell to be born anew into health and happiness, peace and love.
For You are the power, not this sickness.You are the truth, not this illusion.

You are my salvation, not the doctor.

I am willing to rise, to let go all false thinking, to release this false condition.For this is not freedom, and I wish to be free.This is not peaceful, and I desire peace.This is not Your will for me, that I would suffer or feel pain. I accept Your will for me.I accept Your healing.

I accept Your love.Please, dear God, help me.Take me home.
Dear God,
I give this day to you.
May my mind stay centered on the things of spirit.

May I not be tempted to stray from love.
As I begin this day, I open to receive You.
Please enter where You already abide.

May my mind and heart be pure and true, and may I not deviate from the things of goodness.May I see the love and innocence in all mankind, behind the masks we all wear and the illusions of this worldly place.

I surrender to You my doings this day.I ask only that they serve You and the healing of the world.

May I bring Your love and goodness with me, to give unto others wherever I go.
Make me the person You would have me be. Direct my footsteps, and show me what You would have me do.Make the world a safer, more beautiful place.

Bless all Your creatures.Heal us all, and use me, dear Lord, that I might know the joy of being used by You.
Dear God,
I have been betrayed.Take away from me this pain.Let me not be tempted to wrong those who have wronged me, or to hate those who hate me.But rather, dear God, please use Your power on my behalf, That through Your love I might invoke the light, That through Your forgiveness I might speed resurrection, That through Your grace the spirit of the Lord might enter and make all things right.Let me not be tempted by darkness, even though it is all around me.Let me continue to see the good in others, Even when they have turned the arrows of their fear at me.
Be my shield, dear Lord.And please be my protector.

Awaken in others the truth in their hearts.And awaken the same in me.I have faith in You, dear God, to right all wrongs, to make all things clear, to bring light out of apparent darkness.

I hold to You.I bless those who have not blessed me.I forgive them and I forgive myself.

Or so do I wish to do.I ask for Your help. I pray for comfort.

Thank You very much.
Dear God,
Take from me my rage. I feel such anger from my pain, my frustration, and my disappointment.

I throw my anger in so many inappropriate places.

I do not contain it or use it creatively.Dear God, Please grant me serenity and peace that I might know my power within my peace.

Transmute my rage, transform my anger that I might not direct it against others or myself.That it might be undone, Unraveled through the grace of God. Where I am focusing on someone's guilt, please show me his innocence, for I know that my attack on him is my own damnation.

I am willing to see everyone's innocence.

Please show it to me.
Thank you. Bless us all.
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Lionne Club, March 3 2008, 3:55 PM

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