This The Haiti I Would Like To See Again

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This is the Haiti I want to see again, the beautiful People.

I do not want to see the beggars or the ho's with ten children who want to make me pay for their bad life choices.

And particularly those who made the bad decisions to sleep with a bunch of men and catch AIDS. I do not want to hear from envious upstarts and governments thieves who want to screw me and my family out of what we worked hard for either.

I don't go out with criminals or fake diplomas impostors either.

I have to work while I go to school to afford such vacation.

People can only give so much until they start suffering from donor's fatigue.

My Holidays in Haiti

Lionne Number One, February 22 2008, 5:14 PM

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Nice pics but If you are in fact a Haitian you need to have more compassion for your compatriots. Do not get... read more >
Nadia, 23-Feb-08 8:14 pm


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