haitian armed forces a must.

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Your Honorable:
Rene Preval,

It is my firm and distinctive belief to say a country with no Armed Forces is no Country at all.

As said such, many men and women will grow up no knowing or earn up a true sense of Patriotism and sacrifice and respect for their country, the beloved Haiti which often are many reasons why within the political arena in Haiti many politicians are accustomed to not really care about the greater cause at hand which is and should always be the Greater Good of the Nation and its causes why exist the immensity of the corruption Issues.

Your excellence, the re-institution of Haiti's own Armed Forces would serve as a great educational and economical tool to help boost Haiti's image and strength as well as it would improve the social aspects and foreign relations for Haiti.

It would open doors for many youth.

Young men and women of Haiti would have an alternate means to education and financial support as well as it would establish great pride and respect by serving their country as this would help with the decongesstinization of the country's now main Capital of Port-Au-Prince.

Thus this would help in the re-establishing the level of cleanliness, rebuilding, order and security of the country one county at a time due in result that many young men and women would by now and then institutionalized in various branches of their Country's Armed Forces in various provincial regions of Haiti.

If there is order and a force that can be deployed when chaos arouse many media would not have bad images of Haiti to spin negatively with bias and double standards toward this great Nation of Haiti to the World International Body. If their is better sense of Nationalism, Patriotism and Pride in Haiti this would bolster the level of tourism and would open doors for many other business prospects and families abroad would feel safer to want to return and invest and send money more frequent which would be a great turn out for the economy.

The re-institution of the Armed Forces would serve primarily as a mean for young men and women to study and master many Engineering capabilities to help in the rebuilt of the country's Infrastructure as well as they would be train and learn to respond to chaos and disasters much like the US National Guard and US Army Reserves.

This will need a serious push from Haiti and serious demand for funding from the International Committees as well as their participation to acknowledge that this would serve them and Haiti best as it would show a tremendous step toward the restoration of the Country's true dignity and sovereignty.

Mr President, this era should be the era Haiti seize and capture to restore its respectful image as the Pearl it once was and by fact always is; but remember that a country with no form of Defense is no country at all.

Very respectfully,

Rosenberg, Wilgeens

Wilgeens Rosenberg, February 18 2008, 8:50 PM

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