about the info. for the executive protections jobs

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hi. my name is james scott and i live in spring valley.

ny. and am with 2 others co-workers of my looking for the same positions.

am actually in the law enforcement programms i have multiple certifications on: executive protections / investigation / fugitive strick agent / anti-terrorist force / security / and much more.

i very concern by apllying for a position and i will be glad to serving.

and i hope to get a feed back from you or your cabinet.

my staff and i we will wait for your answers.

from: james scott / lesly sharles-/ hedison charles -pierre.

fugitive agents recovery.

and this is my e-mail: milliadaird [at] yahoo.com
telphone# 1-(845)-290-2233

to whom may concerns.

James Scott Venord, November 15 2006, 9:30 PM

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