Earthquake was trigger while Preval summoning the wrong demon

Commandante12 - April 16 2011, 4:34 PM

Preval and foreign powers officers were summoning demons in the National Palace when a wrong entity from outside this universe arrived and that triggered the earthquake.

Apparently the wrong entity or demon was very powerful and those diabolic experts did not know how to handle it because it from outside of this universe.

The cabalists encounter serious difficulties to send back the demon that remains unidentified.

Preval was gravely ill during and after the ceremony.

That is why he failed to show up during the first few days of the earthquake.

This is why nothing was said about the personnel in the National Palace.

The secrecy that is associated with the National Palace will remain as classified information.

This is why they will not destroy the National Palace to rebuild it because there is too many diabolic artifacts there that will be uncovers by the public and foreign workers.

Jean Claude Duvalier was returned to Haiti to remove some demons his father interred in specific locations in the Palace.

Demons predicted that Jean Claude and Preval will pass-away within three years from January 2010.

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Are you stoned? If you tell me what you take i can help you recover. more »