Guys, Most of what you have talked about is not an...

Marjorie Middy - February 17 2011, 6:03 PM

Most of what you have talked about is not an impossibility.

Haiti can produce lots of fruits, vegetables and lets not forget sugar cane that DR is making a fortune with by employing Haitian workers...

The question is FINANCING.

How can Haiti generate sustainable income to keep itself INDEPENDENT.

Economic Development plans are a dime a dozen; The problem is where is the money coming from?

We can't talk about independence without economic independence.

Yes, China should be dealt with CAREFULLY if not sparingly.

Their culture could not be anymore different than that of Haiti's;They are also old time warriors...with money...

China is looking for small countries like Haiti to use as a stepping stone to jump to in the Western World...Se ta kom soti nan la pli, tombe nan gran rivie.

Solution:We have got to find a way to MAKE money.

We may ask for diversity with the international community so that accountability is possible.

A strong representative for the Haitian populace is needed to bargain with the Elites on their behalf.

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