Jean-Pierre, do not use the word Preval blog rather use the...

Samba - February 15 2011, 12:37 PM

Jean-Pierre, do not use the word Preval blog rather use the Haitian Bourgeois Blog. They are controlling our lives and feelings too in the diaspora.

They block anyone who does not side with them. They block your IP just to post your old postings in order to fade out the truth.

You are not the only only one. Use starbuck, public libraries and universities websites until those morons unblock you. Be brave and stand for the good cause.

We should not use their anonymous blog abhoring the Preval's name. This blog is blocked in Haiti.

Sometimes they post stuffs using some Haitians' names to let us believe that Haiti receives full distribution which is not true at all...This blog site manager is located in Florida and I am trying to get their location so I can start a direct fight with them after the Preval's administration is over. They are moron Bourgeois who are using Preval's name to spy on us. They do not want us in Haiti but we will be back and they will choose the exile road...Be brave and stand firm for the good cause.


To Preval blog's Adminitrator

Stop trying blocking me. always telling you guys,I am immune to your stupid brains. I am in the front of the biggest...

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