Jobs! Jobs! and more Jobs = Lesser crime and kidnappings, etc...

Tiba - August 5 2010, 9:21 AM

There is what's called "Cause and Effect" theory that Haitians need to start familiarize themselves with.

An example of cause and effect theory analysis in the case of Haiti.

The Cause is: Lack of jobs or the absence of jobs in Haiti.


The Effect is: As a result, crime, kidnapping, violence, rise of pregnancy, despair, poverty, etc.

If we want to reduce crime, kidnapping, violence, rise of pregnancy, and poverty, the government NEEDS to create JOBS! JOBS! and more JOBS!

People are prone to bad a distructive behaviors when they have too much time in their hands with nothing to do. When people are busy going to work, busy attending, busy doing something constructive witth their lives, they become less interested of committing crime, and engaging in distructive behaviors.

Haiti could have the biggest and the most powerful military in the world, and kick the UN troops out today, that will not stop crime, violence, the rise of pregnancy, hunger, etc. in the Haitian society.

But I can bet my precious life to a donnut, if the government would call on the private sector to open the doors and gates of those enterprises they had bought from the government, and put them back in operation crime, kidnapping, violence, etc...

would go way down in a matter of weeks because a lot of people would have jobs to go to, they will be busy.

The next government should be focus mainly on jobs and more jobs and not about space exploration program if he/she wants to be successful.

Haiti sould have a booming construction jobs, which would create a booming economy, and there should be no reason to keep holding out on that plan.

Leadership, competence, wisdom, and the know-how will be the main challenges of the next president's traits characteristic, period!

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