Let us burry Duvalierism for good intellectually

Rft - July 17 2010, 8:12 AM

Mr. Mathieu.

You got to take the good with the bad otherwise you are in contradiction.

You respect F. Duvalier came as a shock to me after you stated how many fellow Haitians he had killed.

You cannot seperate the two sides of Francois Duvalier because he never had two sides; he started out by exploding fire bombs in the market places to cause panick in downtown PaP killing innoncent street vendors in the process.

Most Haitian heads of state have shown a bit of respect for the Haitian negritude or culture; FDuvalier is no better than Soulouque or Sam or Estime ect...

Regain yourself my friend.

Only Henry Christophe did good by Haiti.

So long

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