Re: We Do Not Need Election In Haiti Right Now!

Jean-Marie Says...

My friend, Haitians are sick about elections.

They never realize that elections held in Haiti in the past never solved their problems, but they still cling to elections.

We need money to overthrow the Haitian bourgeoisie to develop Haiti.

Crooks like Mevs, Biggio, Accra, Vitiello, Castera, Brown, Beaussan, Baker and others should not be living in Haiti.

They are responsible for crimes, kidnapping, political divisiveness, theft and corruption among all Haitians.

We have a bourgeoisie that keeps tarnishing Haiti's reputation over and over. Can those thieves take the podium to address the Haitian nation?

Absolutely no. They are working under the table in Haitian politics and they are responsible for our unhappiness.

Haiti does not need elections, but it does need to overthrow its own bourgeoisie to solve its problems, for they are all crooks...

Posted July 2 2010 at 10:31 PM

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My Friend, Haitians Are Sick About Elections. They Never Realize That Elections Held In Haiti In The Past Never Solved Their Problems, But They Still Cling To Elections. We Need Money To Overthrow The Haitian... Jean-marie 07/02/2010