Tiba I support you a hundred procent we need change. I...

Lautre Niveau - May 27 2010, 6:13 PM

Tiba I support you a hundred procent we need change.

I understand your fustration haiti has reach an ending point it cannot go any further our problem are very serious just imagined we was much more better off when we was under slavery under the french than today I Indenpandance has achieve nothing just imagined for yourself when we was one of the richest french colony now we turn to be one of the poorest country on the planet ever where we are going the people who fough for our Indenpandance will be very ashame to see how haiti look today haiti did not get a good start our Indenpandance heroes made a lot of mistake that we are suffering today our Indenpandance was not for free but we pay a very high price by becoming the first black republic in history we should change the status quo by giving france a chance to succeed over haiti we should scatch the Indenpandance by making haiti becoming a french colony once again even thou we own them by fighting agaist them to defeat slavery in the new world but the own a lot to.

I support a hundred procent for haiti to become a french colony instead of american because has had a very big influence over haiti america keep haiti in hostage for a very long time by defending their own self interest we have a better relation with france because of our historic link we should promote france to govern haiti again after 200 years of fairlure.


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