Eradicate Hypocrisy. I am a Chritian Revolutionary

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I am sorry you feel that way. If you told me Haitain Government is the most corrupt people it is a fact about all the others.

But Haitian peple are the most smart brain in the world.

the fact is that they helped so many people fighting to protect their butt from 1700 wars they are tired of been betrade for their heroism work. Do you know Haitians own most major States and Cities in the World?

A lot history has been reserved and took away from the public just to keep Haitian famous name out of our knowledge.

Once for all ask any one, Haitians deserved better respect and treatment because without these celestial men the world could be just fighting the wars. They are not incompetent, but those who know history think twice before given any credit to these brave men and women Haitians.

Young people like many others will never know what Haitians have done for them, I encouorage all former presidents, historians, researchers, to let the truth to be known in all side. And I am talking good side and bad side.

Indeed, Haitians should be pictured in all corner of your house, have you ever questioned your school teacher from kingder garden middle, or Highschool, College, and University what Haitians have done for you and your coutries.etc...

I like to read your words.

Finally, you will have a new tought about Haitians.

God bless you

Rev. Dr. Rivel Dumaine, May 10 2010, 10:42 PM

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Kiki, 10-May-10 11:26 pm
"......But Haitian peple are the most smart brain in the world" Oh quelle sottise! C'est la parole d'un haitien... read more >
Kiki, 10-May-10 11:36 pm
C'est vraiment celestial destin, je suis fier d'etre Ce que Je suis, celui ou celle qui nie son existence n'est que l... read more >
Rev. Dr. Rivel Dumaine, 11-May-10 10:37 am
J'ai bien vous remercir de ce grand souhait! Il me vient a l' esprit de rediger a votre sentiment spirituel comme je... read more >
Rev. Dr. Rivel Dumaine, 11-May-10 11:03 am
Kiki, There is an old Haitian saying that goes like this "Haitiens sont des roseaux. Ils se penchent/se courbent mais... read more >
Tiba, 11-May-10 3:04 pm
Here we go again, I don't really care what they are thinking about the ideas of people created in the image of God... read more >
Rev. Dr. Rivel Dumaine, 11-May-10 3:50 pm
Vous etes vraiment un demagogue; vous vous croyez deja president. Vous semblez entrain de delirer. Votre pays est... read more >
Kiki, 11-May-10 4:23 pm
Oh Mr. Tiba! I had so much time without hearing about you. It was a pleasure to read you this time. read more >
Kiki, 11-May-10 4:34 pm
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Tiba, 11-May-10 4:41 pm
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Alfred, 11-May-10 4:55 pm
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