The myth of democracy and liberty

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There is a big difference between an active president in the white House and when he no longer president.

When a person is president of the U.S.,the decisions he has to take does not necessary reflect his actions or what he want to do. Most often than not, he has to follow certain guide lines such as national security matters or he might be compelled to deflects to certain forces that rule the U.S. behind the scene such as big business interests, powerful lobbies and so on.
A U.S. president in most cases is a marionette and is less powerful than a dictator in the third world such as: Somoza, Duvalier, Trujillo, Pinochet, Marcos, Idi Amin and so on.
President Carter took many ugly actions against Cuba such as the creation of the Delta force or had to take certain pro Israeli decisions against the Palestinians when he was in the White House; but, if you listen to the speeches he made and read the books and article he wrote on those issues after he no longer president that will surprise you.
I will not rush to judgment to blame Clinton for those unfortunate decisions about Haiti when he was president because the presidents of the U.S. are selected and elected by powerful interests groups that have nothing to do with the so called American people that voted for them. Powerful forces in the U.S.skillfully manipulated the public opinion and sway the voters to vote for candidates that will implement their objectives.This give a semblance of democracy but it is a farce or make believe democracy.

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The same thing apply for the so called freedom and free country.

There is no such thing as a free country it is a myth and an illusion.

Every thing is tightly controlled.The infrastructure of the spies network impermeates every facet of every life in this society.The book you read at the library or you purchase with your credit or debit card is scrutinized by the Gvt.The TV channel you watch on your TV cable or satellite is scrutinized by the Gvt.Your landlines or cellular telephone conversation could be intercepted, recorded for future investigation if they are not actively monitored.Your patterns of consumption and spending could be monitored by the Gvt.
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Even after leaving the White House you cannot expect them to become too radical for many reasons including personal safety.

Ali Bachaas, April 23 2010, 6:09 PM

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