Mullattoes are Whites to Uneducated Haitians

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Mulattoes are Whites to Haitian peasants because they do not know anything about race relations in Haiti.

Mulattoes like uneducated Haitians in order to treat them like slaves.

As a mulatto woman myself, my family stays away from the merchant mulattoes and most of us are living in exile because we do not like the Haitian Statu Quo. I cannot marry a black man in Haiti to preserve my bloodline and I was told that dark skin Haitians are slaves and they would be for the rest of their lives.

What country is that?

There should be no slaves in Haiti anymore.

We will return to Haiti when the Haitian conditions change and when we see better race relations between mulattoes and dark skin Haitian.

I agree with many on this blog that dark skin Haitians are mistreated everywhere and Haiti is a victim of a double racism, from mulattoes first and whites as well...

Duchatelier Mitsu, March 25 2010, 2:06 AM

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