Paul G. Magloire backed by US Gvt see his picture

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This Paul G Magloire is probably related to the Ex president Paul Eugene Magloire.

Those are evil people who are fro Cap Haitian.

They are sectarian and have a tribal mentality.

We have seen them in New York, Florida, Canada, France acting the same way. They have their own group and exclude haitian that from other regions from their group.

They are very selfish and aggressive like the Jamaicans.

The Haitian bourgeoisie and the American were behind Magloire ascension to power.

When Paul Eugene Magloire was leaving Haiti, He said that He will leave a cigar light in both sides and the Haitian will not know in which side to smoke it. After Magloire, Haiti was engulfed in Chaos.

Ti Guy Phillipe is another one.The Haitian elite and other foreign power were behind Guy philippe.

Haiti is occuped By the UN because of Him.

Links below show physical resemblance between the two Magloires and remind people about crimes committed by Paul Eugene Magloire

Pichon, March 19 2010, 5:47 PM

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