You know what, I am tired of your people always bad mouthing...

Bernadette S. - March 17 2010, 10:50 PM

You know what, I am tired of your people always bad mouthing Wyclef.

The guy tried his best to please you people and all you can do is to throw dirt at him. Have not you got any shame?

Yes, He has done a lot! He used his talent to raise money for Haiti.

He basically put Haiti one the Map with his talent.

He contributed money when Haiti needed the most. Yet, all you can do is criticizing the guy. Exactly when are you getting off?

Yes, there are rumors that Wyclef anticipating presidency.

That is his privilege.

He can try. What is wrong with that?

At least he is aiming high, unlike most people that I have read on this site, he is trying to do something positive for Haiti.

All you can do IS talk, Wyclef if acting.

He is DOING good things.

Now, will I vote for Wyclef if need be?

I do not think so. I believe Haiti needs fresh blood and new ideology.

As far as Wyclef or any new elected official prefers "Light skinned" women, I hope they do get them. I could not have cared less. This is a new world guys, TRY to think worldly.

Haiti does not exist in a vacuum.

Everything today IS comparative.

Black skinned, Brown skinned, light skinned, White skinned, Red skinned, Yellow skinned: WHO CARES!!! Bring something enlightening to the table and we will listen.

Do not give a damn,

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