Rebuilding a New Nation

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Why not rebuilding your Nation the way it should be.
You need a "Business Plan" to rebuild your contry.

You need money as well. Money will come, there are means.

Right now the world will finance part of the reconstruction:it is your chance you have been waiting for ! But to get money you need a long term planning for the reconstruction and development of your country.

If I was asked to rebuild your country I will give myself a few priorities that would enhance the well been of the people and the nation.

Reconstruction and future disaster mitigation that should include the training of the population to be ready to face future incoming natural disasters: from earthquake to hurricane and tsunamis.

Health training: basic and advanced training: wilderness medical training team throughout the country and few but solid hospitals with solid capabilities to treat large amount of people.

Education: Mandatory Free education

Food cooperative system: everyone would be entitled and guarantied to receive a minimum of subsistence food.

Land management: rebuilding your devastated landscape and turning it into a productive one. Productive in term of nutrition, jobs, energy, tourism!
Your port and Airport mut expand and be modernized.

Upper Education: you need more highly educated people that will remain in Haiti once they receive their education.

Do a commitment grant: adult will receive cheap quality higher education with free grant they will not have to repay if they remain for a period of a few years working and serving Haiti.

Look at your mountains: perhaps there is a way to attract tourism.

But it must be safe to people to visit.

Provide supervised micro loan to enhance entrepreneurship and small venture development.

And you need a well trained small Army also trained in disaster and emergency management.

Look at your coastlines: you need to develop several areas North South and West to guaranty that one of your exposition will be an escape route in the event of a future natural disaster.

All this is man hours and labot intensive: it will provide jobs to you all.

Do a brainstorming session and you will find solutions.


PS: Look into small wind energy, solar energy.

Get some light equipment
Get a small navy so that you can transport purchased goods from bordering countries and from the USA mainland.

But most of ALL start Now and Somewhere.

Start with donation.

Start with a Pilot program.

Buy something install it and make it a small and early success and the people will understand and follow you. Invite volunteers and give them the rewards.

You are here to serve, not to get rich for your own. You will not succeed without the people of Haiti.

I am French, graduate education and live in the USA. I have some knowledge and/or understanding and/or ideas in each of the areas that I mentioned above.

Good luck to you.

Luc, January 20 2010, 1:13 PM

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