I have participated in missionary work (no not religious...

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I have participated in missionary work (no not religious ones), but nevertheless with some NGOs which to day I even oppose some of them or that I am "somewhat: generally anti-NGOs especially foreign ones and the religious ones due to how I know they can be corrupted, have other ulterior motives and are not really fully helping in the magnitude they are given so much money from the IMF, IGOs and other International bodies to actually do so much, yet most of those NGO groups decide to make a career out of Haiti instead by doing only as little as possible so that they could always have reasons to be in Haiti or even other poor nations.

Me myself is donating each month direct draw from my military pay $100 dollars to Yele Haiti because I like what this organization has been doing in Haiti among other Haitian oriented foundations I have donated to. I feel like citizen of Haiti and those in the diaspora have so many ways they con contribute without having to deal with government.

Do you know that most farmers the reason why they are not farming to produce the national productions of Haiti is partly because they lack proper tools?

Instead of Haitians going to Haiti each time they go to show off their bling bling or pack so much garbage to ship to Haiti or sending drums of food, they can send drums of farming tools instead which can easily be purchased at HOME DEPOT, they can go to a remote provincial town and invest $100 to $200 in a local farmer with that money.

Money those Haitians would have spent and wasted in Haiti going to a musical ball, prostitutes and alcohol in one night (I am not saying people should not have their fun).

Or like you are doing, the way you have invested in some local debuting schools, clinics and such...

I commend you for that and I say thank you on behalf of those beneficiaries.

Believe it or not, you and I are not differing that much opposed to what the goal we want for Haiti per say. We simply see things somewhat differently and have different approaches or perhaps motivation.

Some may seem pragmatic and some may seem rhetorically dreamy in the name of inspiring hopes and eagerness each of of have for change in Haiti whether you want to start at the government aspect level or I in the social aspect level.

P.S: In this statement here by you "Wilgreens, when was the last time people in your neighborhood get together to clean up the streets, to build roads, provide electricity, drinking water, to do this or to do that?

Never, and do you know why?" to admit it was hard to see how you were talking about me being in Atlanta, Georgia USA when I thought we were more focus on Haiti (lol).

Even then, here in Atlanta, some people depending on which neighborhood to mobilize and do things in or of that nature which consist of Neighborhood Watch, Clean up associations which home owners have partake in to keep the value of their property high in their neighborhoods, event coordination group committees to make sure that neighbors consult with each other before holding occasional parties and stuff, I mean you name it and the list goes on.

P.S 2: Hell, even in some ghettos you see people organized things of that nature, so there that refute your statement right there and do not try to go in semantics around this with other sub-argument and bi-premises.

So it would be nice if you could go voice your opinions on my blogs everythinghaitian.com/member/WhatC... due to the fact that I value the fact that we are even engaging in this discussion because that is how real change starts.

Wilgeens Afrolatino Rosenberg, December 5 2009, 12:40 AM

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