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It is without a doubt that Dr. Saidel Laine has an impressive resume, and I applaud him for that.

But please understand that I examined his extraordinary education accomplishment and success through the lense of "critical thinking" which might not set well with many members on the blog, and I would like to have my beloved Linda to give her 2 cents on this one too.

First, let me inform you that Dr. Saidel Laine has been discussed on this blog before.

Second, all of this long resume of so many pages reflects only the "personal" accomplishment of Dr. Saidel Laine and nothing more and nothing less. This same long resume, however, mirrors the highest incompetence and mediocrity of Dr.
saidel Laine as it applies to Haiti.

If you take a real closer look at all these post/positions he held in the government you cannot find one that reflects any progress, positive change he brought/made in Haiti.

For example, as minister of tourism, there isn't one accomplishment made in that sector alone.

How was tourism in Haiti under his watch?

Did he bring more tourists to Haiti?

How many hotels, marinas, etc...

that were built to encourage tourist to come to Haiti under his watch?

Also, in agriculture, was the national products grown under his watch?

Did the population have more food?

Did the farmers farm more?

What did the data of his accomplishment really say on all these post/positions he held?

Clarel, to have someone to hold all of these government posts is one thing, but using his/her office as a boulet pulpit to make real changes in a country is entirely a different story.

My question is still "what has Dr. Saidel Laine done for Haiti during the time he accupied all of these government posts, and the answer is Nothing! Nada! Zip! Zippo! Rien! Anyen menm!

Furthermore, according to his resume/profile, Dr. Saidel Laine has taken great responsibility of maintaining the oil embargo on Haiti.

And I don't think that was a sign of caring for Haiti, or helping Haiti, and don't even think this is something worth bragging about either.

Dr. Saidel Laine has worked for USAID and any rational person knows about the real mission of USAID in Haiti.

This organization constitutes a real headhache for Haiti.

USAID is an organization used by Washington to chanel millions of dollars to opposition parties and everyone else who is against Haiti and really wants to create and causes chaos, havoc, and turmoils in Haiti.

Personally, I see Dr. Saidel Laine as someone with the sole purpose to implement his neo-conservative agenda in Haiti if he ever becomes president and someone with no competence to bring real change in Haiti.

Please understand that I am not challenging his education accomplishment, nor that I am attacking his person either, my dilemma rests on his incompetence and mediocrity to bring some real change in Haiti when he had the chance, the power, the authority, and the influence to do so, but failed.

Being an "Eistein, a rocket scientist, or a brain sugeon" doesn't necessarily mean that person can run a little grocery store not alone a country.

Also, we need to learn to differentiate personal accomplishments/achievements from the ability to bring positive changes to a country, which is the case here with Dr. Saidel Laine.

In my opinion, Dr. Saidel Laine is very bad for Haiti.

Tiba, August 13 2009, 8:07 AM

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