Tiba, To start Tiba let me say this openly, I really...

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To start Tiba let me say this openly, I really appreciate your thinking, your knowledge in this blog. I read you many times you are good and very clear in your thinking.

I like that. You are none bais that's good.

I will give the man the benefit of the doubt.

He was a minister in Marval government.

If you remember this government was a victim of the embargo.

They were not the one to implement it. Because of that this goverment did not have any big project, you know how the country was during that time. No life, no money nothing could be done in that period.

This government had pretty much for mission to keep Haiti alive that's it.

For the USAID case, I am not sure he worked for them but I do think he had a project financing by USAID.

Tiba, I believe in the "Diapora" we do need someone to support.

In the next election I think Saidel is the one we can trust.

If you have a better person let me know. I know you are good but you can't run. Let's study the guy and see if we can trust him.

Let's have a good discussion with fact. Let's compare him to the others and see who is better and stand by the better one.

Your analysis is always welcome Tiba.

Clarel, August 13 2009, 11:46 AM

Topic: Another Alternative to change Haiti Saidel Laine

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Tiba, To start Tiba let me say this openly, I really appreciate your thinking, your knowledge in this blog. I read you... read more >
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Banjo, 13-Aug-09 6:14 pm
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