To the moderator. Good day! I am having difficulties...

Jacques Bouchereau - May 24 2009, 1:21 PM

To the moderator.

Good day !
I am having difficulties responding to a message i received last week!
I do need your help in forwarding an apology owed to the sender


I am writing this in English, not because i could not do so in SPANISH.

I could have !I have chosen, deliberately to do so !I do not want to be part of THIS >the WHO DUN IT AND WHY, is a different theme.

I was in the hospital on te date it occured.

I however assume complete responsibility and apologize to you sir !Also concur with your observation and evaluation of the content of that message

Jacques Bouchereau


Hello Mr. President

Dear Mr.President please do some thing for you country...!!

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