Dominican behaded an Haïtian on 05-01-09 in D.R.

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Let's hope that this ferocious and ignoble incident is not a prelude for more sinister events.

Those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it.
It is also a déjà vu patterns.

Usually the Dominican will come up with a spurious allegation about the Haïtians that follow by draconian and repressive actions.

At this juncture it is important to reminds the young Haïtians everywhere that in 1937,the Dominican president, Rafael Leonidas Trujilio Molina made an allegation that one of his top secret spy in Haïti was uncover and executed.

On October 2nd 1937,while Trujilio was at a party in Dajabon, he announced his intention to eradicate the Haïtian presence in Dominican Republic.

He accused the Haïtians of theft of cattle and agricultural products; he then instructed the military to kill the Haïtians.

Trujilio demographic policy favored white immigration to replace the black in Dominican Rep.

From October 2nd to October 8th 1937, the Dominican military massacred between 30,000 to 38,000 Haïtians during the "parsley massacre."
The military spared the Haïtians that were working in the sugar fields.

Most of the carnage occurred in the Cibao region.

The carnage was Afrophobic motivated because the the military were carrying spring of parsley they would hold up when intercepting dark skin person and asked them: "What is this." Those who could not pronounce the Spanish word " perejil"were assumed to be Haïtian and were killed.

The military used bayonet, guns,knives, clubs and machetes.

It is curious to know that Trujilio maternal grand mother, Ms. Luisa Ercina Chevalier was a dark skin Haïtian and her daughter, Ms. Altagracia Julia Molina Chevalier, was Trujilio's mother.She was half Haïtian and half Dominican.

Although the Dominican have relatively darker skin pigmentation among the Latin American people, the Dominicans conveniently dissociated themselves from their African roots.

Usually, dark skin Dominicans claims that their ancestors were Tainos Indians, not Haïtians.

The Spanish massacred all the Tainos in Hispaniola.

Countries like Mexico, Peru, Ecuador,Nicaragua, Dominica etc...have Indians but those indians don't have dark skin. Look at the average Mexican, Peruvian etc...some are Indians other Hispanic with Indian ancestor but they do not have dark complexion like the Dominicans.

I must say that the tragic consequence of Trujilio self hatred has something to do with the colonial legacy.

Trujilio, Balaguer and host of Dominicans sincerely believe that they have to keep their"racial integrity unaltered." They maintains that the Haitians are primitives, savages, illiterates and the Dominican culture is at the antipods of the Haitian culture.

Those vacuous arguments contravene established facts.

The pretentious concepts of the Dominican racial integrity is preposterous since most Dominicans have Haïtian blood.

In case they have any doubt about it, a DNA test will convince them otherwise.The Dominican women hip and waste ratio is another proof of their African root.
In terms of savagery, I think The Dominica restaurants typify that word with their music blasting over 110 decibels.

True, illiteracy rate is still high in Haïti but Haïtians are avid learners.

The Haïtians fund of general knowledge is substantially higher than the Dominicans.You find Haitian achivers, intellectuals,technicians such as engineers, medical doctors, teachers,college professors all over the globe.

I am not sure it is the case for the Dominicans.

True, the literacy rate is higher for the Dominicans, they also have technicians and intellectuals but the average Dominicans are sub literates.They have a morbid penchant for entertainment such as: gentlemen clubs, nightclubs,bars, beauty parlors, handy cleaning ladies.

Haïtians everywhere should unite to confront the current anti-Haïtian propaganda and mistreatment against us.

Pierre F. Lherisson, May 11 2009, 11:52 AM

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