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Dual Citizenship Chicago is leading this movement:

We in the Diaspora can legitimize Chicago

It is not surprising seeing Chicago a city founded by a Haitian National taking the lead in this issue.

I think that the Haitian Nationals living in the Diaspora shall have their full rights and privileges reinstated and without any limitation.

I do not know how many people or groups are working on this issue.

It is truth that we are not yet organized in the Diaspora but it has appeared that these folks in Haiti are considering in amending the constitution and I believe that the Haitian people in the Diaspora must act fast and with one voice in order to have a chance to be heard.

There is an existing group located in Chicago that is working mainly on this issue.

Please, join these folks.

I take this unique moment to congratulate these folks in Chicago for taking this golden initiative.

Please, support them.

"The HAITIAN CONGRESS TO FORTIFY HAITI in collaboration with the Haitian Congress for Civic Engagement (The Haitian Congress PAC) invite those of you who are interested in amending the Haitian Constitution to grant Dual Citizenship/ Nationality to join us in a series of telephone conferences to be held every Saturday at 4:00 p.m. central time for an hour, starting March 21, 2009 and lasting until June 27, 2009"

Please, contact them for the phone number and the code.
Haitian Congress to Fortify Haiti
1227 Dodge Avenue
Evanston, IL 60202
Tel: 847-475-5856 Fax: 847-424-1049
e-mail at contact at haitiancong ress.org
Since we must act with one voice and we do not have any other choice and Chicago is leading that movement; therefore, it is very important to direct any question to Chicago and all directives must come from Chicago.

Some of you may have some connection, if they call you discreetly; it is because they know that we are not organized.

The best thing to do is to direct them to Chicago and this is how we can Legitimize Chicago.

Then, whenever the Haitian Parliament or any other entity is interested in inviting the Diaspora on that issue, they will call Chicago openly and Chicago will dispatch a knowledgeable individual who will without a doubt defend the interest of the Haitian Nationals in the Diaspora.

NB: Those outstanding Haitian Nationals who are leading this movement in Chicago may want to hear from you personally.

Please, let them know where you stand on this issue.

Also, it is important to hear the view of our brothers and sisters who are living in the mainland.

Joseph Alfred
Douglasville, GA

Haiti 2004, April 17 2009, 6:42 AM

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