No satisfaction but no rupture either

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Preval is doing his best but he has little strength left. Aristide put a curse on him.
Nor do I wish his withdrawal either.

I still believe he's a good man but his approaches in such serious situations like SECURITY are just too conciliant for too long, redondant, and ineffective.

He has to understand that the vagabond cares only about his money.

If you kiss him in the ass and give him some money, he will be quiet for a moment, get high the whole day or week, and tomorrow start anew the same job: vagabondage.

Preval gotta start showing some toughness here no matter what you say professor Magic.

We, haitians, we have a tendency to make things look complicated where there is no need.

I don't think Cedras is behind anything, he's enjoying himself in Panama where he belongs with his color and name (I bet he's loving it) along with his girlfriend, Michou Sanguinaire Francois;
THey are not that stupid to think about coming back.
THe Duvalier are so broke, according to people who have lived in France, they couldn't afford to finance shit.
The big problem is that Aristide is alive and as long as he's alive his ignorant coward and evil followers will keep doing the same to force a return; as if his mere return would signify an end to violence.

That is totally a false assumption since when he was there, the same things were happening; he had his gang robbing and killing people for money or pleasure (the sadistic).

Of course, along with that, we have some sporadic gangs, and even some very organized gangs set by local bourgeois, young and thirsty for money; or by the international paranoiac organized mafia that is fed by drug traffickers and bad guys sent back to their countries of origin from America after purging their jail time even when they were actually borne here in the US but "mistakenly" (humour) from immigrant parents.

Ayisyen Patriyot, December 6 2006, 11:48 PM

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Julien, 7-Dec-06 12:23 am


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