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Robert M. St Fleur - April 10 2008, 11:52 AM

The Duvalier left the country with a status; electricity was on 24 hours daily; there were no criminals, thefts or rapists around that time. No boats left the country under the administration from Port-au-Prince to Miami.

The country generated enough money to survive through the years.

The Leaders that came after the Duvalier got rich and left the country with millions of dollars.

Henry Namphy is living in Republic Dominican where establishing himself as a King with his own business, hundreds of Latinoes are working for him. He is right now a multi-millionaire.

Raoul Cedras left the country after the Duvalier with more than 100 millions dollars where locating in Panama, living as a Prince with hundred of security guards by his side.

Aristide did the same and many more on the way.

From 1986 to 2008, the country got worst and worst and worst.

Can't you see the differences?

The Leaders that came after the Duvalier did not do any good for the country.

Everybody knows, the Duvalier left with millions of dollars, however the country was never at that level.

The actual level makes me sick; I prefer living under the Duvalier's command.

The guy was in exile, he acquires more knowledge to push the country forward.

The Mulattoes left the country for good; no business in the city. The merchants invade the galleries, no one can get inside a store without asking a merchant to be excused etc

I'll talk to you later, I have to go.

Robert M. St Fleur
Author and Musician

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Why would we want another thief in the palace. I know...


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