rahi chien di dent' l blanche

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It is about time that we start thinking realistically about Haiti and its reconstruction.

Let us face it, everything Haiti needs CANNOT be put in place in five years.

With great efforts, an introduction to public schools with pertinent programs to serve Haiti, The rehabilitation of Port-au-Prince's General Hospital and the construction of strategically placed new ones based on geography and population would be a very good start.

These are the programs that Baker is talking about and would like to do.
Funny How you guys do not mentioned job creation in your critics.

Job creation is the backbone for economic change for any country.

Baker has been criticized for his "sweatshops" and his being a "businessman"
Is not it what exactly is needed to start creating an Haitian-middle-class?

Haiti's most precious commodity is its people (labor) to create jobs and money for the welfare of the Country.

Granted, manufacturing and service-oriented jobs will not make people rich but it is a darn good start for a better life.
We could make better use of NGO's and other social programs to slowly converted them into Haitian's and I think Baker is well aware of the issues.

Haiti is fundamentally an agricultural society.

Who could be better than Baker to re-establish agriculture in-Country?

Perhaps you do not know who Baker is?

Or you cannot past-over superficial issues to get to essence?

Otherwise you too would have embraced Baker for the betterment of Haiti.

We would have to make peace with ourselves and start businesses of our own before the International communities would even consider non-charity investments on an equal basis with Haiti.

The choice is basically Haitians to decide what they truly want.
No system is perfect, of course, there will be problems in association with
any economic development plans.

Yes, manufacturing jobs will bring pollution and other ills such as over-crowded communities and the likes.

A good balance between between manufacturing and agricultural jobs could help alleviate the problem.

This is the price of progress.

Wanting a modern Haiti without the tags associated with it is a nonsense;
It is like Fu$$ing for virginity.

Would you rather see Haitians continue the exodus to countries like the Bahamas, Dominican Republic, North, South Americas and Canada to those very same manufacturing and service jobs that they could have done at home?

Now, did I think over Baker's presidency, if it occurs?

Do I believe he is the right choice?


In fact, I thought it over and re-think it over and over. Guess what?

Yes, BAKER is the ONLY choice,
If we want PROGRESS for HAITI.

Marcy Paul, November 7 2010, 4:00 PM

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