Wyclef: The End Of Black Puppet Presidency With The Rich In Haiti

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Wyclef's name is on all radio and television stations in the United States and all over the world.

Haiti needs an international and national candidate to boost its image in the world and Wyclef can do that. It is not the competency time for Haiti as it is the time for action.

Wyclef has demonstrated it in the last earthquake of 2012. With his international connections Haiti will benefit more than having a competent black puppet president in power.

The rich cannot ask Wyclef to divorce his wife to marry one of theirs to negotiate with him. This time they will bow in front of a rich dark skinned Haitian to negotiate contracts for Haiti.

I knew that GOD would send a dark skinned black rich Haitian to lead over Haiti to end black puppet presidency in Haiti.

America has Obama to turn the page with racism against African Americans and other minorities so does HAITI with WYCLEF to turn the page of poverty in HAITI.

The top 5 richest families in HAITI will not be poverty pimp managers anymore and coup d'etats will end for real. America and the international community will not finance any coup d'etats against WYCLEF due to the fact Wyclef is one of them.

Gregory Mevs and Fritz Mevs state that they cannot sleep after they heard Wyclef's announcement to become president in Haiti and they are thinking about the next step if he finally becomes president and he will be. Yo sote e yap mande sa yap fe ak sa. I knew that God would not let Haiti down and now he sent us a rich dark skinned black Haitian man to us to say enough is enough.

As John Pope II stated it "Things should change in this country for real." We cannot bring change without ending black puppet presidency in Haiti and the top 5 richet families could not ask Wyclef to divorce his wife to marry one of theirs to bow before them as they did it with Jean-Claude, Aristide and Preval.

The rich in Haiti are poverty pimp managers as many claim it and they have no shame for being CEOs poverty pimp managers on behalf of the poor. The Ponya system will end and Wyclef will bring an SBA loan system in Haiti by allowing microcredit financing to take place in Haiti.

Loans or ponya of 45% to 50% will end in Haiti and the era of those poverty pimp managers will end for real. The Mevs will not have to live their lives between two worlds such as the mercantilistic one and the capitalistic one. Wyclef believes in Fair Capitalism and he will bring investors in Haiti to change Haiti's face so Haitians will stop eating mud cakes and worms.

Wyclef is the end of social injustices in Haiti, the end of laziness, hopelessness, violence, crime, corruption, prostitution and mendicity.

The shameful top 5 richest families that put Haiti into that situation since 1807 will turn the page this time. GOD sent us a dark skinned Haitian to end black puppet presidency as imposed by the light skinned Haitian elite.

Haiti will be good for all and the time of subserviency will end for real. A vote for Wyclef is a vote to end black puppet presidency and the end of poverty pimp managers in Haiti.

Wyclef se nou e nou se Wyclef e ansamb Ayiti ap delivre tout bon vre. Viv Ayiti e viv Wyclef...

Le a rive vre e ipokrit yo sezi...

Toulimen, August 9 2010, 12:33 PM

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Wyclef is all over the US, tv, radio because america is paying for it so they can stop us from get or go anywhere of... read more >
Wyclef Bad For Haiti, 9-Aug-10 12:49 pm


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