You are a brown elite member and that is why you are using...

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You are a brown elite member and that is why you are using this free blog to divert others' attention.

All you do is stealing easy money from your parents to smoke crack, cocaine and other aphrodisiac drinks.

Go enjoy life with other brown prostitute girls and leave this blog alone if you have nothing to say. You are interested in posting bad things about Haiti, but your parents are responsible for all those bad things.

Don't you see that your dad and mother are suffering cardiovascular diseases and you have a lot of aids in your family too, it is because they have bad hearts and they steal too much.

God is taking care of them. Your dad cannot even bend down with his big belly and he is a shame for all people who know him. In your street, the White American children know that your parents are crooks and they know where your dad's wealth comes from. Sometimes you cry, for those children keep telling you that you are a thief due to the fact your parents are destroying Haiti to buy castles to make you live a luxury life among them in Florida.

They will die of all diseases and they will regret the money they stole from Haiti and you will never enjoy that money too.

Shame on you stupid and this blog alone if you have nothing good to say about Haiti.

Dessalines The Tiger, April 13 2010, 9:15 PM

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Robert Toussaint, 11-Apr-10 8:58 pm
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Claudette J. Apollon, 11-Apr-10 10:41 pm
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Dessalines The Avenger, 11-Apr-10 11:32 pm
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Your Superior, 12-Apr-10 10:56 pm
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Dessalines The Avenger, 13-Apr-10 1:35 am
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Batou Titou, 13-Apr-10 4:05 am
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Your Superior, 13-Apr-10 4:32 am
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Daniel St. Louis, 13-Apr-10 2:11 pm
You are a brown elite member and that is why you are using this free blog to divert others' attention. All you do is... read more >
Dessalines The Tiger, 13-Apr-10 9:15 pm
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