Tribu Patriot, it is people like u who cause people in the...

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Tribu Patriot, it is people like u who cause people in the world not to respect Haitians.

For years now, people pretending to be missionaries have been coming to Haiti and using our children for their profit.

Those who don't outright steal the poor children to sell them in the US black-market adoption racket, use them to raise money for their own benefit, giving the children of Haiti less than one cent on each dollar they get for them. For the first time in twenty years, those in office in Haiti have done something right for these children and you want us to discourage them from doing it. What kind of spineless, pride-less, low class individual are you, that you want us to now sweep under the rug what these possible criminals have done just so that we can get international money.

You and those like you have been an embarrassment to us Haitians for the past twenty years, and as far as I am concern you and those like you--spineless and pride-less--are the reason why Haiti became known as the beggar nation.

Haitians should stand firm and make an example of these false prophets.

This should be the beginning, the mark by witch the pride of being Haitian is reborn.

Set the example with these missionaries and let the rest of the world know that from this day forth, those who disrespect Haitians or Haitian law will be penalized.

Let the world know that those people with their beggar, gutter rat, backstreet dwelling mentalities (like you) no longer will represent Haiti.

Today, Haitians once again demand respect.

Let everyone around the world know that they can't do in our country what you would not dare do anywhere else. Tribu, you are a gutless pride-less beggar.

Linda, February 6 2010, 12:58 PM


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Tribu Patriot, it is people like u who cause people in the world not to respect Haitians. For years now, people... read more >
Linda, 6-Feb-10 12:58 pm
Anglos are NOT above the law. The so-called "missionaries" became influenced by media lies that constantly claims... read more >
Nadege, 6-Feb-10 1:53 pm
You brought up very good ideas on board and I compliment you for that. Remember, we cannot agree at all times. We... read more >
Mathieu Derisse, 6-Feb-10 4:11 pm
You think people are taking you seriously. We are the most corrupted nation in the face of the earth. If we were a... read more >
Trebu Patriote, 6-Feb-10 4:19 pm
With all due respect, I agree with many points that you have made, but use some civility in treating the other... read more >
Mathieu, 6-Feb-10 4:34 pm
Hi Nadege, when you said "Lock em up and feed 'em mais moulin" I laugh so hard. For a minute there I though it was... read more >
Linda, 6-Feb-10 6:51 pm
NO Mathieu, I will not be nice. I am sick and tired of Haitians playing nice and getting nothing for it. If you look... read more >
Linda, 6-Feb-10 7:06 pm
Please have mercy and compassion and I am begging you one more time. We should do it in away that the other opponent... read more >
Mathieu, 7-Feb-10 1:15 am
Trebu this is for you. So in your eyes, they should just go home? right? because we have more important issues to take... read more >
Katia, 7-Feb-10 6:43 am
This is the problem with some Haitians. As I always believe, the master just got to give a small chicken wing to some... read more >
Tiba, 7-Feb-10 8:44 am
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