"It is with deepest regret and heartbroken to hear both of you...

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"It is with deepest regret and heartbroken to hear both of you calling on bringing Aristide and Jean-Claude back to Haiti as "The" only solution for reconciliation of the Haitian people."

The only solution!Nobody said that. If you were well versed in conflict resolution, you would understand that since 1986 and even before, the country has been polarized into Macoute and Lavalas, and the symbolic leaders of the two are indeed Jean Claude et Aristide.

Nobody is demanding the return of Cedras or Guy Philippe, etc..why bother!

Nobody is dismissing that comments
"These former mercenaries/crooks/criminals are Haitians too, in case you had forgotten."

This is where you contradict yourself
"Haiti should belong to ALL and not just to some. Got it?" AND

"In that case, let us all agree there will never be a reconciliation in Haiti because Aristide and Jean-Claude will never, let me repeat it again for you, Aristide and Jean_Claude will never go back to Haiti.They will never put foot on the soil of Haiti again.Only Haitians who are in hallucination and delusional states who refuse to accept that fact of reality."

I was under the impression that you used "incompetence and mediocrity"in selected circumstances.

I now realized that you just learned those two words.

"Haiti must go forward without these 2 men"
Haiti has. However unless you resolve fundamental issues such as conflict resolution for these two major political opponents, you will always come back to square one.

See, when you ask questions, you get answers.

Dr Guy Theodore, how can you be fighting individuals on a political blog when you are supposed to convince them to vote for you. How can you be so contradictory.

Why do you refuse to accept my invitation for an interview as a presidential candidate.

august 1st and 8th, 2 contenders will be answering my pre-submitted questions.

Listen to them. Nothing like the easy pass you had with Chenet Nerette, and at the hotel in Braintree.

Gera Bougui, July 18 2009, 5:00 PM

Topic: Haiti Les hommes de l'occupant par Stanley Lucas

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Montresor 2011, 18-Jul-09 2:20 pm
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Linda, 18-Jul-09 4:01 pm
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Gera Bougui, 18-Jul-09 5:00 pm
Linda I do not think criminals should be forgiven and forgotten. However, their crime must be proven, and they must be... read more >
Gera Bougui, 18-Jul-09 5:10 pm
Tiba, I am not an author of confusion and here's what said: “And it will not be a bad idea for Aristide and Duvalier... read more >
Montresor 2011, 18-Jul-09 5:26 pm
Your comment is evasive by intent. Yes a person's crime should be proven. But once it is proven no president should... read more >
Zac, 18-Jul-09 5:32 pm
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Zac, 18-Jul-09 6:08 pm
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Tiba, 18-Jul-09 6:18 pm
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Tiba, 18-Jul-09 6:38 pm
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