Asumigly, it is the right of all foster care Countries of any...

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Asumigly, it is the right of all foster care Countries of any leader seeking exile by the international communinty to have reimbursed for all expenses occurred to host any Political Leader.

Therefore; the international community is responsible to pay the South African all dues, expenses, and lodging to this date. Now, it is the time to say no to overthrowing and coup d'etat of democratically elected presidents in any part of the world.

All Haitians leaders around the world must be return to their homeland before they left broke and homeless to die in shame.

They have a reason to be better than who they were and the old way they brutalized their people; after learning from others it would be the best to give back to their country.

Please dont wait the last minute until they send you all broke to beg for living in Haiti.

Be smart and intelligent, and Aristide with all other Haitian Leaders can reestablish Haitian dignity, respect, and equality around the world.

I support all Haitian Leaders to stay in their country specially those with power and money because they make other countries rich by defrauding the treasury bank of Haiti.

Preval no more exile, and all of them must live in Haiti to give back. It is important to change the course of communication to help eradicate poverty, illiteracy, and hatred to promote humanitarian cause for all haitians poor or rich. Forget the past and move on to solidarity for social, economic, and political justice.

Remember that we Haitians and we must not fight and kill one another, but love and protect one another, which the the law of God. Please dont blame the United states for Haiti's problem, we Haitian must know what is right and wrong to make our choice.franckly, Only the United States that give opportunities to all race including Haitians.

Some countries and their people are violent toward Haitians even those born in US are afraid some time to disclose their identity, but thanks God for the US and the Constitution.

Many Haitians are suffered violent attacked by others, but leave a quiet life just for the sake of unsecure of their country used by the certain group of people around the world that want to destabalize it. United States is friend of Haiti, but one needs to know how to walk the talk in politic, ask certain countries to leave Haiti whereas Haitians are not welcome and are suspiciously victimized by them for just been Haitian.

I am a Rev.Dr. Rivel Dumaine, It is on the Street, convenient stores, on the mall Haitians are victimized by people of color and no justice for them. That the cause of supporting the return of all political figures to have respect in place in Haiti.Dont get it wrong United States is the back bone of Haiti to help, develop, and succeed.

Rev. Rivel Dumaine

Rev.dr. Rivel Dumaine, February 4 2011, 11:03 AM


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