Hello Tiba and Pierre Great Job on your POST. First of all...

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Hello Tiba and Pierre

Great Job on your POST.
First of all Pierre whatever violence we have learned we have learned it from the white men. I do not think no black men have inflicted so much pain on their fellow men than the Germans have done under the National Sozialismus.

No black men have ever reached the level of bestiality as the Belgians have with nasty criminal King Leopold.

What they have done in Africa, the Congo specially is unsurmountable.

The pain and suffering that Rochambeau and the British have unleashed on Haitians and those Indians in India remained a clear example of the white men evil minds and recently what I myself have seen in the former Yugoslavia is beyond comprehension.

So it is laughable when I meet some of them specially in America where I believe you are now and they start running their fat burgers mouth on black criminality and violence.

Like I told one of them in Strasbourg one time Do not worry the devils may have gone to Rwanda this year but they will be back to where they belong...

Pierre I must admit to you that the future looks bleak but I am convinced there is some one in our ranks thatwill rise up and understand that our interests are not the interests of Bill Clinton, slick Willy or Sarkozy le salaud.

Where do we start?

How do we proceed?

This Globalisation era Pierre is underlined by more subtle hypocrisy than during the colonial time of the Great Game.
Pierre we lost our rice production-We lost our black Cochons-we lost our aluminum- we lost our sugar cane- we lost our coffee- we lost our Vetiver and we lost our flour and then we lost all control..and Gentlemen when Petroleum is finally found we..or sorry we have already lost that too .When Pierre, when Tiba, When people-- will we get any of them back?

Sad in the cold

Kamoken, January 2 2011, 9:02 AM

Topic: Post earthquake new house design for Haiti.

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Pierre F. Lherisson, 1-Jan-11 10:33 pm
Pierre, Chapo ba, papa! this a very well thought out and detailed essay/analogy, and I really applaud you with all... read more >
Tiba, 2-Jan-11 6:44 am
Hello Tiba and Pierre Great Job on your POST. First of all Pierre whatever violence we have learned we have learned it... read more >
Kamoken, 2-Jan-11 9:02 am
Hey Kamoken! Comment toute les bagay sont ye? Bonne Annee! Kamoken, you said it all. Unfortunately, no one would... read more >
Tiba, 2-Jan-11 2:21 pm
Thank you Tiba Without doubts the Blanc mastered the technology of killing with a mathematical precision. That is why... read more >
Pierre F. Lherisson, 2-Jan-11 5:14 pm
Thank you Kamokin. All of us are sharing the same concern and consternation regarding the state of great disorder... read more >
Pierre F. Lherisson, 2-Jan-11 6:41 pm
hello, for the most part i agree with all you say, just a word of caution about generalizing any group of people. not... read more >
Chuck, 3-Jan-11 11:05 am
I did not make a blanket statement about any group.I did not believe any particular group is inherently more wicked... read more >
Pierre F. Lherisson, 3-Jan-11 1:53 pm
agreed, and as you have alluded, it really is seemingly always a class issue, where race, socioecomomic... read more >
Chuck, 3-Jan-11 2:03 pm
I beg to differ: Class, race and sometimes gender are tightly link together. Socioeconomic stratification is another... read more >
Marjory Middy, 3-Jan-11 5:24 pm
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