Flat Rate Shipping to Haiti 75 gallon barrel

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Flat rate shipping is now offered for shipping your cargo to Haiti.

AMI Cargo Services has 75 gallon barrels and will ship them for as low as $165.00. Best deal that I have found.

Call them today! 954-964-9924

Mariejean-francoi, November 20 2010, 6:28 PM

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Best deal is correct. I recommend AMI Cargo for for putting this deal together. I shipped with them several times now... read more >
Carole Toulimen, 20-Nov-10 6:36 pm
Excelent choise, better than any one else I have ever used. Keep up the great work and AMI cargo should be everyone... read more >
Thadus Marcos, 21-Nov-10 6:11 am
I called them today, wonderful customer service and friendly. I am sending my shipment with them early next week. I... read more >
Dari France, 21-Nov-10 5:58 pm


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