Updates on Haiti-Aristide was on CNN

Philippe - January 15 2010, 10:15 PM

UNICEF is another reliable agency to donate money for Haiti on the Web. Aristide was today on CNN and he said he wants to come back to Haiti.

He wants the Haitian people to move from misery to poverty with dignity.

Aristide Haitians want more than that; they want to become middle class with dignity, with opportunities for education, affordable housing, health care and good paying jobs. Aristide, you cannot deliver.

A political demagogue such as yourself only knows how to give speeches.

You were thinking only of yourself not the Haitian people when you stole all those millions from Haiti.

Therefore, Aristide the only way you are going to see Haiti again is in your dreams.

And hopefully it will be a MAJOR NIGHTMARE with a bunch of chimeres WITH PereLebruns dancing in a circle around your body. Titide show the Haitians some good will. Send the Haitian people back their money, otherwise SHUT YOUR BIG MOUTH.

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Jean Pe Haiti On Facebook says...

Shut up man..you don't know what you are saying. Speaking of speech, isn't for that reason you think Obama is a smart... more »