Hi Colette, in a renovated Haiti, we will need women like you...

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Hi Colette, in a renovated Haiti, we will need women like you to denounce abuses and social injustices against women.

Haiti is an oppressed society where women rights are not respected at all. This is a patriarchy system where males believe to have the rights over women.

Men can own and I do not say can have several owned women and they cannot tolerate women to have several men. Where is the equality that we are preaching if we cannot have tolerance toward same practices.

If in the Haitian polygamy lifestyle we cannot reach equality for same practices we should practice monagamy like the white men.

It is not only question of jealousy it is a question of abuse of force and power over a weak majority.

We need to empower women in Haiti by creating strong institutions financed by the state of Haiti to defend women's rights.

We need to reeducate men to know how to deal with women, for men never give birth to children.

Our existence on the planet earth is justified by women and women in every country surpass men. If there was a gender that is supposed to get control over all genders it should be women.

Haitian political leaders do not really understand women's rights and abuses in our society.

If they really understood women's rights, they would invest in technology to alleviate women's sufferings in Haiti.

Only the mulatto women enjoy all privileges in our Haitian society, for they have money, power and education to enjoy the privileges that other women overseas are enjoying.

Until 2010, women in Haiti are still using their hands and flat pieces of wood to wash their clothes.

Until 2010, women are still using charcaol to cook food under intense heat that is no good for their health.

Until 2010, women are using old 1800s' iron to iron their clothes in Haiti.

If male political leaders understood women's rights, they would open laundromats everywhere in Haiti to alleviate women's sufferings.

They would bring in great numbers real cooking range stoves to help women cook their foods.

They would have electricity everywhere to make those equipments operate normally.

The supremacy of men over women is not justified by any means when men cannot even use technology to alleviate women's sufferings.

Men in Haiti needs to be reeducated to know how to deal with women and they need to stop using raw insults to tear apart women.

Haitian's masculinity needs to be redefined and rethought so men in Haiti would know how to deal with women.

Male aggressiveness against women would not stop if we do not reeducate Haitian men. They need to know that they have no such thing supremacy or rights over women although they claim that the white male God that is sitting in the sky gives them such a power.

The church in Haiti is accomplice toward women's rights and abuses.

The role of the church is to educate men to better deal with women, but they are using their power as priests and reverends to abuse women too.

In Haiti, we have a male-centered culture that is abusing women over and over and it is an enslavement mentality inherited from the Frenchmen masters passing down by the mulatto males in our culture.

The mulatto men have changed a little bit due to the fact they are educated overseas and they have learned those practices are no longer acceptable that is why the nulatto women enjoy better privileges than dark skinned women in Haiti.

Dark skinned Haitian women suffer more than any women in other parts of the world.

We must build a different society in Haiti for violence, abuses and discrimination against women to come to an end. We must dismantle the administration of doublure with all the mulatto CEOs so we can come up with a better system to promote women's rights in Haiti.

Women must be respected, supported and praised and the male supremacy over women is unworthy and avoidable.

With male allies on women's sides we will come to a better society than the mulatto's CEO oppressed Haitian society.

Mathieu Derisse, January 12 2010, 7:47 AM

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