We are an investment group operating primarily in the...

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We are an investment group operating primarily in the caribbean.

Currently in Haiti, we have a project that is moving pretty fast. It is actually near Tortuga on the north coast but not on Tortuga.

If interested please look at the following website: www.nkfz.com.

We would eventually like to develop Tortuga.

However, we do not have enough funds.

We are currently seeking sponsors.

Please also see www.ilelatortue.com.

You have educated me today.

I did not know that the Tortuga project came to an end because of the 1973 OPEC embargo.

I thought that the Gulf Corporation pulled out because Baby Doc and his entourage was asking money under the table to allow the project to go through and Gulf refused.

The idea of Gulf was to build a 300 million dollar resort.

Since the death of Don Pierson in 1996, I did not know who held the 99 year-lease with the Haitian government.

I assume there is a possibility that the lease can be ratified to allow you and your group of investors to continue developing Tortuga.

I assume that you are one of Don Pierson's colleague.

It would be great if we can build a Freeport, Tortuga.

This will allow investors to invest and develop Tortuga and consequently help the rest of Haiti.

As you a know, a freeport would lower the costs of good, encourage investments and create jobs. There was a recent food riot in Haiti because of the rise of the price of food. Internationally, food prices have risen 40% directly related to the price of crude oil. However, if Haiti had a freeport, the cost of food would not be so high. Unfortunately, the Haitian importers and government cronies are making a lot of money charging ridiculous amounts of custom taxes and fees. They do not want Haiti to have a freeport.

As you will see on the first link I have given you, we have begun construction of a free zone on the north coast but we would rather have a port on Tortuga.

Let me hear from you soon as to is there still a valid lease for Tortuga or do we need a new deal with the Haitian government to develop Tortuga.

Greg Peters, April 23 2008, 12:58 PM


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We are an investment group operating primarily in the caribbean. Currently in Haiti, we have a project that is moving... read more >
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