Situation in Haiti must have a solution!

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It's not up to the President Only what about his entourage .If he decides to take everything by himself, his own people will not hesitate to call him a Dictator.

I remmember exactly one day watching the news He stated you are all with me for the Pressidency if ever I am falling please do the same thing do not let me fall by myself.

the government needs to take immediate action before it's too late it's time to stop listening to foreing origin .We need to regroup on our own and make a decision if we stay here expecting other nation to give us a hand " We are all in the abiss.

"Nou se gasons vanyan an nou pa blie".

UN is just taking a vacation in our country.

They do not have anything to loose.

their job is to shoot first and identify later.

Joseph Comeau Jjakomo, April 11 2008, 9:42 PM

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