What do you think of the Lionnes?

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Well, They are some pretty girls who loves girls, make love with girls, well the are some kinda "madivine" on the blog! They have lost their vibrators...They are some racist haitian americans having fun making "le suivant".

They change their names constantly and hate everybody.They are quite stupid and nasty.

Welll, euh!!! mmm. Bon se ..

Ou konprann ...

se yon paket ti madivinez ki bien fwekan.

Euh!!! Konm si zenglen rele yo flanne femel...

Selondieu, February 17 2008, 3:01 AM

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Do me a favor ccut it out we ha more important things to talk about in this blog. we don't discuss people life here or... read more >
Robert P Toussaint, 17-Feb-08 12:42 pm
I second RPT's position. We already have our own resident evil call Unknown, we don't need anymore negative or insane... read more >
Linda, 17-Feb-08 3:02 pm
This is your second warning Linda. Back off. There will not be a third warning. What are you good for anyway? To be... read more >
Lionne Nunber One, 18-Feb-08 3:09 pm
Perhaps you should look at my post again. I actually told the other blogger who posted something nasty about you that... read more >
Linda, 18-Feb-08 6:28 pm
Lionnes number one; This was my original reply to you. Perhaps you should look at my post again. I actually told the... read more >
Linda, 18-Feb-08 6:53 pm
C'est toi la Lesbienne, l'homosexuel, une inadapte de la nature. Espece de putain, prostituee. Avec ta langue de... read more >
Lionne Nunber One, 18-Feb-08 7:27 pm
J'abolis litteralement ton ruse,et je te dis d' aller baiser nos culs. Mille merdes pour toi.A bientot Linda la... read more >
Lionne Number One, 18-Feb-08 7:55 pm
We all have Dessaline Blood. So chill out. Whatever happened to the anger management skills you ladies posted. Try... read more >
Claudy, 18-Feb-08 8:15 pm
Hello Linda, je ne vois pas pouquoi tu perds ton temps avec ces nanas la. Ils charrient maintenant, pas question de... read more >
Soufnantiou, 18-Feb-08 8:31 pm
Your Honorable: Rene Preval, It is my firm and distinctive belief to say a country with no Armed Forces is no Country... read more >
Rosenberg Wilgeens, 18-Feb-08 8:55 pm
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