Jacques Edouard Alexis Wants To Be President

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I hear that Jacques Edouard Alexis, the prime minister of Haiti, wants to run for president after Preval.

What do you know about that

Haitian Inquirer, February 9 2008, 11:25 AM

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i don't think it's a good idea, cause i'm tired of these people trying to fill up their pockets as needed. read more >
Zoclo, 9-Feb-08 10:40 pm
I think is a good idea because he will have the opportunity to continue with the same program,if they have one. By... read more >
Robert P Toussaint, 9-Feb-08 11:37 pm
We are not about to let all those incompetent people play "musical chair" again with the presidential seat. We better... read more >
Archangel, 11-Feb-08 2:08 am
Dear Archangel. You said, "Jacques Edouard Alexis might have an accident." Does that mean that you are one of those... read more >
Linda, 11-Feb-08 12:37 pm
The way Haiti is right now, I don't think the prime minister is the right person for Haiti in 2011. The... read more >
Michel Louis, 11-Feb-08 1:09 pm
Qui aime jouer ces vilains tours dans ce blog? Tous ces personnages veulent continuer a sā€™ enrichir aux depends... read more >
Nadia, 11-Feb-08 2:43 pm
Bravo Linda, bien dit, je vois que toi aussi, tu as assez de ces conards qui ne font rien et se constituent comme des... read more >
Robert P Toussaint, 11-Feb-08 6:59 pm
J'ai prealablement repondu a ce post pesant qu'il etait de Linda,je m'exccuse mais Nadia tu as raison. Nous en avons... read more >
Robert P Toussaint, 11-Feb-08 7:36 pm
Hi michel louis. I share your concerns but also we share the same love for the same country. What we don't share, at... read more >
Rubens F. Titus, 11-Feb-08 10:45 pm
. We Haitians now have a chance to get it right, so let's think carefully about who we elect and why we elect them... read more >
Linda, 12-Feb-08 12:26 am


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