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Yes, I understand your position, and lots of money could be brought in to help the poor, if that's where it is spent.

I can't think of another place I'd rather visit, but usually the profit just goes in to the investors' and finciers' pockets.

Not that that's your plan, its just typical.

My issue with being careful not to destroy a pristine place is that tourists pay more to visit these places, stay longer, and come more often.

I'm not saying don't do it, just to be careful.

And it doesn't have to be primitave eco-tourism to keep its pristine character.

Just don't turn it into a concrete jungle like Hawaii.

Lots of folks from the US complain that most of Hawaii is spoiled now and not fun to visit anymore.

I don't know what Ile de la Vache is like these days, but I think that Ile de la Gonave has been mostly deforested for charcoal production, and if that is true, maybe it would be a better place to start if you wanted to create a highly developed club med type playground.

I was on a cruise recently, and at the end, everyone aboard was asked to rate the destinations.

The top scoring destination was the island of Dominica.

It was the least devloped, and the only one that did not have extensive tourist amenities.

People just loved the natural tropical environment there, the creole speaking street merchants, and the clear waters.

It had character that a place like Barbados has long lost and can never recapture.

I spent some time fishing off the pier and talking to the police at the gates, and like Haiti, its a place I'd like very much to visit again.

By the way, our cruise was about 85% senior citizens, so even though it was a rougher place and harder to get around in, they appreciated the beauty that is still readily available there.

I hope you find a way to get some sort of project going - especially if people are able to visit some of the great forts, palaces, the citadelle, and so on. Haiti has so much to offer that tourists never get to experience.

When I feel it is safe to go back, I will likely try again.

Its not a place that can be forgotten.

Lot Bo, August 21 2007, 1:40 PM


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