This is typical of Preval (poor Haiti) The module which model...

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This is typical of Preval (poor Haiti)

The module which model is exhibited in a hotel ground of Santo Domingo, has little more than twenty squared meters of area, is made from steel and is lined with plates made out of cement.

Dominican architect George Hazim has designed a temporary housing module capable of withstanding hurricanes and earthquakes, and promoted as an alternative to alleviate homelessness of over 1.2 million of Haitian victims of the earthquake of 12 January.

The architect, residing in Puerto Rico, said in an interview with EfE that he prefers to use the module name and not House because the structure "is a very compact space with very peculiar characteristics that do not apply to measures or to the basic size of a conventional housing".

The structure, according to the Dominican architec, resists "winds of up to 260 km / h and a seismic movement of up to 7.5 degrees of magnitude on the Richter scale".

It is designed for Haiti but applies to any situation anywhere in the world, said Hazim.

He added that the module has thermal and acoustic insulation both on the exterior walls and ceiling and produces its own electricity from photovoltaic system that converts it from the Sun's rays. Also possesses some tanks integrated with capacity to store up to 300 galons of potable waterand a septic tank to receive downloads from the sink, toilet and shower.

Explained that the module has in its interior "all the things that you need to live comfortably and with dignity".

The housing is able to accommodate between four and eight people, according to the explanations of the Dominican architect.

Hazim's company is able to produce in eight hours between 120 and 200 modules.

Each unit would cost approximately $ 12,000 and they have the particularity to be moved from one place to another.

However, the Dominican architect regrets the apathy of politicians and international agencies before the project.

Hazim said he presented the initiative to the Haitian President René Préval, on his last visit to the country, but received no response.

Revealed that he has sent letters to Dominican President Leonel Fernández, international agencies, officials and foreign ambassadors explaining the features of the project, but "we haven't had absolutely reaction whatsoever".

"We have what we believe is needed in Haiti." It is a compact and economical solution, said. The earthquake that struck the Haitian capital and several nearby towns on 12 January caused 300,000 dead, others as many wounded and 1.5 million victims.

Antonioj, July 19 2010, 9:23 AM

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