Since you are so good at playing detective, why don't you come...

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Since you are so good at playing detective, why don't you come up with a comprehensive list of ALL the donations, allocations of funds including persons of contact.

It is one thing to have your own voiced opinion
It is another to spread false rumors
I, Bernadette S. have been using one and only one name throughout this site
Although using other names would also be within the realm of legality, morality or ethically.

You have the privilege to voice your opinion and so do I.
I was getting tired of the litany of accusations as they were getting pointless.

It is a shame that we can't take this great opportunity of using this site for the betterment of our country and of ourselves.

If the Diaspora can't set a good example, then I have very little hope concerning Haiti.

This old behavior on telling and pointing finger at one another.

Do you guys understand this behavior is pretty much a remnant of slavery mentality?

Then, this behavior can be what exactly is the purpose?

It is disappointing to read your negative comments implicitly and explicitly about Africa, Africanism and voudouism...Take the time to truly understand Africa and its cultures without preconceived ideas.

You may like it. Mulattoes too have roots in Africa, No mater how "White looking" we may be. somewhere in our genes Africa is present.

We as Metisses, Mulatres, mixed-blood, multiracial however politically correct we want to be. We should also embraced our African heritage...It is as good as the OTHER genes and cultures that constitute our beings.

Yes, I am multilingual, multicultural, multiracial.

There is no need to tell you that I am proud.

I just FEEL IT.This is not an apology either for nobody should apologize for who he or she is.
Majority, Minority -- We have all experienced it coming from Haiti to elsewhere.

Dark skinned Haitians: You may have reasons to be angry.

However, Do you think you have a monopoly on anger?

We too are angry about Haiti's deplorable condition.

Resort to name calling will amount to NOTHING.

Haiti is also our HAITI CHERIE.

Can we at least collaborate on one thing: Haiti's future.

This is something we ALL have in common.

What do you say?


Bernadete S., March 30 2010, 9:19 PM

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