The earthquake in Port-de-Paix, Northwest of Haiti (Report) 01-12-2010

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The earthquake in Port-de-Paix, Northwest of Haiti (Report)

A statement about the earthquake of a 7.0 magnitude in Port-de-Paix, Haiti, in that afternoon it was a very dark evening/ night in town because nobody couldn't understand what's going on the country because it was for the first time in this generation something like that happen in this country.

Northwestian abroad couldn't communicate with members of their families to know if they're okay, It was a nightmare, In town as in the country some believe maybe it is going to be the end of the world.

After the earthquake and in aout more than a 30 of aftershocks that hit Haiti, the city of Port-de-Paix was not spared even the national and international media never report it so it was not like Port-au-Prince and surburbs but the earthquake had touched almost all over the country, In Port-de-pax there were :

One (1) house collapse in Latendrie Street

Three (3) leaning houses are :

One (1) in Warf street (Rue du Quai) bas de la ville

One (1) in La coupe (Notre-Dame Avenue area)

The (1)building that locate Balade FM Radio Station in Stenio Vincent Street

A part of a wall collapsed from Eben-Ezer Baptist College in Dumarsais Estime Street

A part of a wall of the Seaside Flea market (Marche bord de mer) also failed.

About cracked house: we don't know because people don't really like to tell until the authorities should find out or misunderstood or miseducation of the people to report them.

So now we are facing some new faces in town that are looking for safe heaven to live, moving out of Port-au-Prince, some also who left the city for a long period of time has no choice to return to their hometown some also come with friends without knowing where they're going,"it's life",Some also are crying after losing loves one studied in Port-au-Prince.Report says over 30.000 are fleeing the Capital ahead in the all Northwest region seeking refuge.

Imagine come in town to seek refuge is one but no food or no money another, some in town are questionning what will be the next hope if no help or support to come from the government or the international community?

Since then the city of Port-de-Paix is in darkness, no electrity no pure water to drink and food become more expensive, It seems like the population of Port-de-Paix and also the Northwestern area is in waiting list, for how long?

the answer is unkonwn because the so-called responsible authorities are unable to answer any questions and some of them are very hard to reach over the phone...

Lou Evans Arne, March 25 2010, 7:50 AM

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