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RE: Preval death necessary now

To antonioj, 03-22-2010 21:41 hour

It appears that you are projecting your stressful life situation to the Honorable, Son Excellence, President Rene Garcia Preval.

I understand that life is unfair for most of us and sometime people are so desperate they want to commit suicide like you do. This might take you out of your physical misery but it would not solve the problem for you or your family.

You are experiencing an acute depression.

Before you reach that ultimate regrettable decision in your life, I urge you to call without delay the Suicide Hotline: 212-673-3000.

By the way if you know anyone on Preval blog that might need my assistance, you could indicate their names for me on this blog.
I hope that you will benefit from my assessment and intervention.

Dr. feel Bad
Self appointed, Psychiatrist in Chief for this blog

Dr. Feel Bad, March 22 2010, 8:59 PM

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Antonioj, 22-Mar-10 9:19 pm


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