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There's nothing twisted about my state of mind. I'm not fearful of colonization or imperialism, i'm a descendant of slaves after all. For one thing Christianity is not the white man's religion.

Though it's been the dominant religion in the West for almost 2000 years its roots aren't Western.

In addition, it's a bit inaccurate to imply that christianity advocate slavery, poverty and oppression.

There are many verses in the bible that are misunderstood by most. Certain verses warn human beings to not solely pursue wealth in this life these verses want us to take into account the next life which is more important than this life. Certain people are so distracted by the exquisite things this world has to offer that they forget about God. The love of money will corrupt any man and for that reason the bible warns that it would be better to be poor in this life and go to heaven.

But it doesn't say that you must be poor to go to heaven.

There is nothing wrong with a person being rich as long as the wealth is acquired through just methods.

I'm an educated man but i also believe in the existence of the supernatural.

I believe in God the one true God, i believe in Jesus.

I believe a man is responsible for his own fate. I believe that you reap what you sow and certainly Haitians have been sowing animosity and discord, we've been destroying our brothers and sisters over the past200 years and we're paying for it. Our malicious behavior will not go unpunished.

In your previous comments you implied that the world is against Haiti.

I'm not a naive man articulating religious dogma.

Religion aside, our leaders have been irresponsible and selfish.

Most of them have been corrupt and greedy.

For that reason Haitians suffer today.

Haiti is not the first nation to deal slavery.

If you look in the annals of history you will find countless countries who's citizens were enslaved and afterward these societies succeed.

And the past would certainly tell you that slavery has not always been a white on black thing.

There's been many time when whites were slaves.

Furthermore before the Europeans started the slave trade in Africa different tribes used to enslave one another.

Suppose the world is punishing Haiti because it was the first black republic who ended slavery on its soil why haven't we find a way to reverse the worlds scheme countless nations have defied superpowers and successfully build functioning societies.

Our failure is our fault, we've been too selfish and violent, we are simply harvesting what we planted.Our ancestors united to defeat the french and end slavery, this was no small achievement.

Now if the world is hypothetically against us why can't we use our intelligence to find a civilized way to change our country, to find a way to build a successful and stable society.

Clearly the methods of the past are no longer acceptable nor would they be successful.

No more BWa cayman.

Kevin, March 29 2007, 4:33 AM


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