Mat, What Greg said about foreigners coming and claim islands...

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What Greg said about foreigners coming and claim islands for themeselves, in part, is very true. For example look at "Labardee" in the north, not too far from Cap-haitian.

That little beautiful piece of land is leased by Carnival cruise ship. The local people (Haitians) have no access to it, and in fact, these people are forbited/bared from putting foot there because it is Carnival's property.

That piece of property doesn't even seem to be part of Haiti anymore and the tourist business does not benefit the local Haitians either.

Tourists who come to Labardee don't even know they are in Haiti.

Carnival does not advertise that spot as a Haiti spot.

And yes, foreigners would come and lease every island belong to Haiti and make them their private properties and advertise them to the rest of the world as if they have just discovered these islands somewhere in the Caribbean Sea and transform hem as the best tourist destinations in the world.

There will never be mention of Haiti and they will not help the local people that much either.

These savy developers know how to manipulate the incompetent and mediocre government of Haiti, which is not there to protect the interest of Haiti, but rather to fill up their pockets.

These are a bunch of brain dead morons willing to sell the entire country to the highest bider.

It's just a matter of time.

Tiba, December 30 2009, 5:48 AM


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Mat, What Greg said about foreigners coming and claim islands for themeselves, in part, is very true. For example look... read more >
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