Earl Wheby Jr, Didn't you post here before? I remember you! I...

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Earl Wheby Jr,

Didn't you post here before?

I remember you!

I am so so lost. I have no idea what exactly you're suggesting.

Are you suggesting that Haitians buy an airplane to fly experts to and from Haiti?

To do what exactly?

Earl, reading between the lines, you seem to think that the country of Haiti is an non-accessable piece of land somewhere in the north or south pole where human life is not existant, therefore, you want Haitians to buy an airplane, with you as the pilot, to fly to Haiti for the first time.

Mr. Earl, there are dozens of daily flights to Haiti from around the world.

Delta Airline was just added to American Airline on the list of American daily flights to Haiti directly from the United States of America.

Why do you see it so important and so necessary for Haitians to buy a special airline to flight so-called experts to and from Haiti?

Is it because those experts are too allergic to sit in coach next to Haitians passengers?

Mr. Earl, haven't you heard that Haiti, despite its crime rate, is still remained the most peaceful country in the Caribbean?

The white master in Haiti just reported last week that crime rate in Haiti has fallen 75%.

I think you would help Haiti better by calling on the master to end their decades of malicious conspiracy against Haiti.

Imagine if the wave of mass killings that's been going on in the United States in the last 2 months was happening in Haiti, I have no doubt Haiti would have been disappeared from the face of the earth by the master a longtime ago.

Tiba, November 15 2009, 7:04 PM

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Earl Wheby Jr, Didn't you post here before? I remember you! I am so so lost. I have no idea what exactly you're... read more >
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Earl Wheby Jr, 16-Nov-09 9:50 am
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Earl Wheby Jr, 16-Nov-09 2:31 pm
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Linda, 22-Nov-09 7:29 pm
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Rkgs, 23-Nov-09 8:29 am
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Linda, 23-Nov-09 9:03 am
It is the Haitian "boat people" who are constantly sneaking into the U.S. thinking this is the promised land but the... read more >
Rkgs, 24-Nov-09 8:33 am
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